Dance classes, burlesque classes and private coaching

"When I began taking classes with Cleo I felt stiff and uptight. I was working in construction and worked hard at playing down my femininity and sexuality in order to be taken seriously. Cleo’s non-judgemental, ever-encouraging, and often silly teaching style helped me become comfortable moving my body in such sensual ways. In addition, her unapologetic femininity as well as the empowering themes in choreography inspired me to take a look at the ways I was using masculinity to make up for respect I felt my femininity did not garner. Dancing with Cleo has built up my confidence and skill in movement and learning choreography, and has enabled me to love and respect, as well as demand respect for, my femininity."

-Clea Glasenapp

When I began taking classes with Cleo I felt stiff and uptight. I was working in construction and wo

Contemporary Burlesque

Contemporary Burlesque is designed to get you comfortable owning your sultry, sensual movement and taking up space on stage. You’ll get physically stronger, your dancer brain will get sharper, and you’ll connect with the power of being unapologetically proud of your femininity.

Participants say that by the end of the session they feel more confident, they notice marked improvements in their dance ability, and that they are blown away by how powerful and radiant they feel on stage.

Each class will include a full body warm up, an introduction to the technical foundations of contemporary dance, conditioning, floor work drills and a progressive piece of choreography.

You will be performing your finished routine at the VBC Student Showcase December 12 at The Rio Theatre and will receive complimentary professional stage photos and video.

Location: The Coop (2228 E Hastings Street)
Dates: Fridays, Oct 4 - Dec. 6th (No class November 29)
Time: 5:30PM-7:00 PM
Your Investment: $278

Visit or email for more information. 

Private Coaching

Create a routine to perform on stage, sharpen up your dance technique, learn to freestyle, or connect with your feminine power. 

Enjoy receiving one on one attention and lessons catered to your specific needs. 

Discover the incredible things you are capable of while enjoying the privacy of a one on one class. 

Whatever your specific movement goals are, Cleo can help you achieve them. 

Your investment: $60/hour plus studio rental